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1. Prepare your paper

2. Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions (with ASSYST - ICST Paper Submission and Review System)
Papers should be electronically submitted through the ASSYST system using the following instructions:

  1. Please, visit ASSYST website by clicking HERE (or copy to your browser)
  2. On the main page you may select from different activities. Please, choose the one you would like to use and click on the link provided there
  3. This will bring you to the Log In page
  4. If you already registered, please enter your access details and click on "Login". Note that for logging in you should use the same email address, what you used upon registration
  5. If you are not registered in ASSYST yet, please select "Register" in the upper right corner of the page and follow the instructions there
  6. Upon registering, a password will be emailed to you
  7. Log in with this password
  8. After logging in, from the Main Interface on the top of the page click on 'Submit a paper'.
  9. Select your conference from the list and click on "Submit a paper" on the right hand side, next to your conference. (You see here events only with open submissions)
  10. Select the paper type you are going to submit and click on "NEXT"
    1. Full Paper
    2. Short Paper
    3. Invited Paper
  11. Fill the data of your paper (title, abstract) and select the primary and secondary topics from the menu. Click on 'Next'
    1. IMPORTANT: Your paper will be assigned to reviewers upon the topic information and abstract you fill in here!
  12. You can check the data of your paper here. Click on 'Submit'
  13. If you want to modify any data of your paper, you can use the following functions (icons) in the Actions column: Edit submission, Add/Remove authors, Upload manuscript, Remove submission
  14. When all the data are uploaded and correct, please, click on the icon of "Upload manuscript"
  15. Here you can upload your paper by using the browse button
    1. IMPORTANT! You can only upload .pdf files here
  16. After you have successfully uploaded your paper, you will see the list of your papers as well as their status. You can modify and re-upload new versions here before your paper gets into its review phase. After the first reviewer started to review your paper, you cannot make any further changes
  17. Once your paper has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a notification via e-mail
  18. If your paper is accepted and you receive the notification e-mail with the detailed result of the review. Please, consider the comments and prepare your paper accordingly
  19. For uploading the Camera Ready Version of your accepted Paper, please follow the "Instructions on Uploading Your Camera-Ready paper" on the website of the conference

3. Register for the Conference

If your paper was accepted, you will be asked to Register.

  • One author for each paper must register at a non-student rate, even if all authors are students.
  • One registration covers two papers for those authors who have multiple papers accepted.
  • Please go to the Registration page to register for the conference. IMPORTANT: Your paper will not be included in the proceedings unless you have successfully registered.

4. Final Paper Submission

Camera-Ready submission guidelines for LNICST in ASSYST

To be able to upload your Camera Ready Paper you need to register to the conference first. Upon registration you will receive an activation code via email which you will need to insert when you are processing your upload.

  • Camera-Ready papers should be uploaded into the ICST Paper Management System: ASSYST.
  • Once logged in please, go to "My Profile" in the main menu and fill out all the mandatory fields of your data. Without doing this the system cannot show you as author next to your paper and will not list you in the authorís list.
  • After filling all the fields in "My Profile" please, click on SAVE.
  • Now, select the conference/ workshop from the list where you want to submit your camera ready paper.
  • Click on "Manage my Papers" in the top menu list.
  • In this menu you can upload you camera ready paper under "Upload".
  • Before uploading your paper you have to fill the two preconditions:
    • Step I: Registration
      • After you have registered successfully to the conference you have to receive an activation code via e-mail. In case you do not receive that, please, contact your conference coordinator who will supply you with the code.
      • You need to copy paste this code into the check box
      • Click on Activate
  • Next step is to fill out the data of your paper (Title, Abstract and Keywords). Click on NEXT.
  • On the next page please, add all the co-authors of your paper by clicking on Add Additional Authors.

When you have added all the co-authors, please, click on NEXT.

    • Step II: Copyright
      • ASSYST will generate the Copyright agreement from the data you have filled in the previous steps.
      • Please, check your data carefully and in case there are any discrepancies go back and edit the data of your settings or your paper.
      • When everything is correct read the terms of the copyright agreement.
        • Please, do not forget to scroll down the text in the text-box before you click on "I Agree".
        • You can also print the text by clicking on "Print" button.
      • In the pop-up window you have to confirm your agreement by choosing: "I confirm that I agree with the terms".
      • After confirming your agreement you will receive an e-mail confirmation from ICST with a pdf copy of your electronically agreed copyright form. This is the document you should keep for further references.

NOTE: Please, note that any time you modify your paper you have to go through the copyright procedure and agree with it in order to have the copyright agreed with the latest data of the paper.

  • After completing the copyright you can upload your camera ready paper.
    • IMPORTANT!!! LNICST Authorís Kit requires not only the .pdf version of your camera ready paper but also the source file you have prepared your paper in (Word or LaTeX). To upload all these forms, please, do the following:
      • Create the required files (word or LaTeX plus the .pdf)
      • Zip these files together
      • Upload this .zip file as your camera ready paper

NOTE: In case you do not upload your camera ready paper in the required format(s) your paper will neither appear on the proceedings CD nor in the digital library.

  • If you need any further modification of your paper you can do it until the deadline of Camera Ready Upload under the menu: "View my Papers".
    • Please, do not forget to accept the copyright term each time you modify your paper!

DISCLAIMER:Any content displayed on this website is at the sole responsibility of the conference organizers, for which ICST cannot be held responsible or liable

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