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UCMedia 2010
2nd International ICST Conference on
User Centric Media

Palma de Mallorca, September 1-3, 2010


how to invest in Alcoa shares in Hong Kong This conference seeks to improve our understanding of the changing landscape of media. It has a particular focus on forms of media that are user centered and on the way they will be delivered over a Future Media Internet. The UCMedia conference will support inventive and creative practices in the arts, in science, in engineering and in business by encouraging publications that will help us to understand, to predict and to enable trends in media that are related to:

  • overwhelming volumes of content
  • user generated content

  • changing distribution mechanisms

  • changing representations of media

Users are always central to media; as creators, as consumers, as learners or as the public whose buying habits have, for generations, been influenced by advertisers (and so paid for the creation and distribution of media). For this reason, this conference particularly encourages a consideration of media that is intrinsically user-centered. The conference seeks contributions that relate to all portions of the different media value chains, from creatives, through service providers, technology enablers and users/consumers.

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